10-Year-Old Flooded Out Of School Sues The Trump Administration Over Climate Change

When people rally behind a cause like climate change, it is usually to ensure that future generations have a healthy and friendly planet to live in.

But one young man in Florida is fighting not for future generations but for his generation, and his name Levi Draheim, a 10-year-old  who lives on barrier island on Florida’s central east coast.

In about 30 or 40 years, Levi’s home may be sitting under water, as sea levels are projected to rise and beach erosion is predicted to escalate.

Things aren’t looking good for the future of these Florida islands.

What’s worse is that no one seems to be doing anything about it, particularly those in office, those who should be making a difference.

Levi was inspired to take up the cause for climate change after his hometown in Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma in September.

The flooding the followed after Irma made it clear to Levi that climate change was real and someone needed to do something about it.

After Irma and after his church minister asked told him about it, Levi joined the youth lawsuit by nonprofit, Our Children’s Trust.

The youth lawsuit is suing the Trump and the federal government over its climate policy.


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