Bear Shot and Killed in Toronto

Early Saturday morning a black bear was shot and killed in a residential neighborhood in Scarborough, ON.

City Councillor Glenn Dee Baeremaeker called it a “tragedy” and said that it was “unfortunate that we as human beings, we couldn’t be a little bit better prepared…next time we have a magnificent black bear wandering south of Steeles Ave. we have to move him back”. The Toronto Star.

Shooting the bear was considered a last resort and was done so for security purposes. However, there were reports of an earlier sighting of this bear late Friday night.  It is reported that the Ministry of Natural Resources was making plans on relocating the bear, but the Ministry was not at the “scene”, as it was too dangerous for them to remove a bear when it was dark out. Even if the bear was tranquilized, the Ministry would not have been there due to the late hours.

After about 4 hours of tracking and trailing the bear, the Police made the decision to shoot it.

What made the bear travel into the city to begin with?

It is rare to spot a bear in the thick of a city. However, a bear will travel more than 100 km to eat it’s preferred food when it’s usual source is unavailable. In 2016 the horrible drought conditions in Northern Ontario caused a bad berry crop, sending black bears South to find a new food source so they could prep for hibernation. Because of climate conditions, a bears food source is inconsistent from year to year, so they are migrating to find nourishment. Will this be the last bear we see in the big city?


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